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#1 RP Chat » Hello » 2023-05-22 10:17:39 PM

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I remember playing MUCKS and MUDS with my friends in my wee childhood. The sheer joy of knowing that in a text based environment, there can be so much emotion and imagination. It always fascinated me that there was someone on the other end of it all, experiencing the stories unfold along with me.

I also loved redwall as a kid. It still puts tears in my eyes to hear of Brian Jacques passing, as his series kindled so much imagination in my young wandering brain. As beautifully crafted as ancient Norse ballads, yet fit for a child to read. Brilliant! Raw nostalgic feelings cut deep into my heart just gazing upon Gary Chalks old illustrations.

So as fate must have willed it, I am here, in the form of a shrew, Azmogul the foolhardy.


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